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Through the generosity of donors and volunteers, our foundation serves the needs of underprivileged children and kids with difference. With programs in our local communities, we help kids get what they need to learn, grow and flourish. From school supplies, sports equipment, books and clothing to art, sports and music programs, we are here to help the children. Best of all, we have kids helping other kids in all our school programs. We hope you’ll support our mission and see how kindness grows with Christine’s Hope for Kids.


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Your Support In Action! See Our Latest Success Stories

We are extremely grateful for every donation, no matter how small, and we want all donors to know that donations to Christine’s Hope, help kids in need in our local communities.

Click on the video boxes below to see what has been accomplished over the last 10 years.



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Help us give kids the chance to just be kids. All donations, gifts and volunteer programs benefit our local communities. Help us make a difference.

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Christine’s Hope for Kids is dedicated to giving hope and support to children in need in our local community. We strongly believe that all children, regardless of their life circumstances, deserve to have a happy and healthy childhood. Through raising money, collecting item donations and working closely with other nonprofit organizations, we give less fortunate children in our community a better life. We also work to educate and empower children to help one another and to understand the importance of a life of giving.



We BELIEVE every child deserves the chance to be a kid regardless of their circumstances.



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